Functional and attractive outdoor spaces are a great addition to any home. They provide a place to grill out, relax in the sun, and enjoy the fresh air. Decks are easy to upgrade with small projects to add function and beauty. Most of these improvements are easier than indoor renovations because they aren’t as disruptive, loud, or messy. No matter the style of your deck, you can find great DIY deck upgrades to make your outdoor living space even more enjoyable.

DIY Deck Upgrades with Plants

A deck serves as a transition between the inside and the outdoors. One easy way to amplify that feeling is to add plants to the deck. You can choose how to do this based on the type of plants you like.

One option is climbing plants, like roses or wisteria. Plant them in the ground near the deck supports so they can climb toward the deck itself. Because they’re not potted, these plants require less watering and will reach a larger size with little effort.

You might also consider putting window baskets along the railing, placing potted ferns on the deck surface itself, and adding hanging baskets of annuals like petunias for height.

Outdoor Rug

Just as plants help connect the deck to the yard, an outdoor rug can tie it to the indoors. There are a lot of advantages to adding an outdoor rug as an upgrade. A rug reduces the risk of splinters, covers the gaps between boards, and is easier on bare feet. An outdoor rug also adds color and comfort to your outdoor living space.

Entertainment DIY Deck Upgrades

Good food and lively conversation are popular ways to enjoy the outdoors. However, you can take the entertainment a step further with some simple upgrades. Outdoor kitchens are becoming extremely popular. They reduce indoor heat without limiting you to a diet of hamburgers and hot dogs.

For decks attached directly to the house, it is easy to install electrical outlets and mount a flat-screen TV on the wall. The deck is a perfect place to enjoy the fall weather and watch football outdoors.

Wildlife Features

Of course, not all the fun you’ll have on your deck comes courtesy of a grill or remote control. Nature provides its own shows outdoors. By supporting wildlife, you can make your deck a great place to relax and appreciate nature.

Bird feeders are an obvious choice. Colorful blue jays and cardinals are beautiful to see in your yard. For something closer to the deck, hummingbird feeders will eventually draw large numbers of these tiny creatures. Salt blocks and corn feeders can attract deer. Place them near the edge of the yard and use the deck as an observation area.

With some creativity and time, you can turn your deck into a great place to eat, entertain, and relax with family.

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