You invest a lot of money and time into making your house a home, so it makes sense that you want to keep it safe and secure. Take steps to protect your family and property with these tips for fire safety in the home.

Create an Escape Plan

When planning for fire safety, design a route for escape from your home in case of fire. Get children involved in determining two exits from each room and choosing a safe place to meet up outside the home. If your children help create the plan, they will be more likely to remember it.

If a bedroom doesn’t have two escape routes, install a collapsible ladder in the window. This way when the door is hot, the occupant of the room can safely exit the house via the window.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives and property when they are installed and working properly. If you already have smoke detectors in your home, test them monthly. There should be at least one smoke detector on each level of the home. Install devices in each bedroom and in the hallway outside the bedrooms.

Most house fires begin in the kitchen, however, the kitchen is also the room where a smoke detector is most often uninstalled or deactivated. In the kitchen, it’s best to install the detector 10 to 12 feet from any cooking appliance to help prevent false alarms.

Fire Safety in the Kitchen

Prevent kitchen fires by never leaving cooking food unattended. An adult should always be present to watch over any hot pots or pans that are being used to prepare food. Turn the handles of pans inward to help prevent accidental spills. Also, take care to keep flammable items away from the stovetop. Aprons, towels, paper products, and even cardboard food packaging is a fire hazard if left too close to a hot stove.

Fire Extinguishers

Every home should have multiple fire extinguishers. Keep them in easy-to-access areas throughout the home. For fire safety, have an extinguisher in the garage, near the furnace, in the kitchen, where you grill out, and in the laundry room.

Be Safe When Grilling

Backyard grilling can cause fire or injury. Make sure you’re grilling safely by cleaning the grill after each use. Grease and food particles that collect on the grates can flare up and start a fire. Wear well-fitted clothing when cooking and keep long hair and apron strings tied back.

Teach Children about Fire Safety

Even very young children can learn about fire safety. Teach them that matches and lighters are tools, not toys. Children should also learn how to safely exit a house in case of fire. Enlist them to help you test the smoke detectors each month so they will become familiar with the sound of the alarm. Educate children about staying safe distances from the fireplace, backyard grill, and fire pit. Show them how to keep at least 10 feet away to stay safe around fire.

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