Purchasing a house is a major investment and it’s smart to have a professional assess the home. An inspector is a neutral third party who will reveal important facts about the condition of the property. Here are eight reasons to order a home inspection before closing on a sale.

Discover Foundation Issues When You Order a Home Inspection

A home’s foundation can show indications of problems. An inspector will look for structural issues that a buyer might not notice, such as cracks and signs of settling. If the home has an accessible crawlspace, the home inspector will look at the inside of the walls, support beams, and footings.

Find Leaks

A home inspection will identify hidden issues, like roof and plumbing leaks. A leaking roof can cause structural problems and mold. By the time a homeowner sees water stains, it’s likely that major damage has been done. The inspector will check the roofing material, flashings, gutters, and the attic, reporting on any issues or concerns. Along with the roof, the home inspector will check the home for plumbing issues like dripping faucets or under-sink leaks.

Order a Home Inspection to Verify Safety

Inspections can reveal safety concerns. A buyer can then address the conditions with the seller and have these issues remedied before they move in. Some things that might be found are electrical hazards or loose wires. The home inspector will check for fire safety features. Some inspectors test radon levels and drinking water.

Assess the Heating and Air Conditioning

The HVAC system is a major component of a property which is quite expensive to replace. Homebuyers need a home inspection to know if it is working properly and if the ductwork is connected and in good condition. Ductwork can break free over time. The inspector will check the connections, wiring, and filters and note any wear on the system.

Examine Appliances

Built-in appliances, like the stove and dishwasher, are usually inspected. The buyer should ask the home inspector which appliances will be included in the inspection.

Order a Home Inspection to Find Grading and Drainage Problems

The landscaping should slope away from the home so that water does not pool around the foundation. The inspection report will note any issues with grading and drainage. Dirt and mulch should not be touching the siding because it can be a pathway for termites and other pests.


If the buyer learns that a system or significant component is nearing the end of its useful life, they can renegotiate the deal by requesting a lower sale price or asking the seller to fix the problem. An inspection helps buyers and sellers close a deal with confidence.

Order a Home Inspection for Peace of Mind

An inspection report helps reduce surprises. The buyer will have a good understanding of any issues with the home and what components he or she will need to replace. With the information in the inspection report, a buyer can create a budget for future repairs.

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