Radon is a dangerous gas that can’t be detected without special equipment. You cannot smell it, see it, or taste it, so it’s important to hire a professional to test your home for this gas. Radon exposure can potentially cause lung cancer. To keep your family safe, here are five things to know about radon exposure in the home.

Radon Exposure Can Lead to Lung Cancer

This gas is a byproduct of radioactive decay, and anyone who is exposed to it has a higher chance of developing lung cancer than the average person. Smokers are over seven times more likely than non-smokers to develop lung cancer from radon poisoning. Lung cancer from radon can be deadly, and even if you survive lung cancer, it has a negative effect on your health.

Sources of Radon Exposure

Radon is produced when radioactive elements decay underground. No matter what state or climate you live in, you’re still at risk of radon exposure. You and your neighbor can have different levels of radon in your homes. While you should test your home regardless of its age, it’s especially important if your home is new construction.

Radon Levels Can Be Lowered

You may be worried that high levels of radon mean that you have to move, but that’s not the case. Radon mitigation is highly effective and can reduce radon in your home to a safe level. Soil depressurization, ventilation, and sealing foundation gaps will help to make your home a much safer place.

Getting Tested for Radon

There is no existing medical radon test. However, your doctor can still check for common signs of radon exposure. If you’re experiencing trouble breathing, coughing, and cancer-related symptoms, then they may recommend that you test your home for radon.

Don’t Wait to Test Your Home

If you wait to test your home, then you and your family may be exposed to dangerous radon gas daily without knowing it. Radon testing is an accurate and affordable process. When you detect radon early, you can take steps to limit your exposure and reduce the risks to your family.

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