Basement upgrades play a significant role in enhancing your home’s value. Remodeling your basement transforms it from a storage area to a welcoming and comfortable space. There are many ideas to consider to update your basement.

1. Turn the Basement Into a Bedroom

You can convert your basement into a bedroom to accommodate guests as an in-law suite or a short-term rental.

2. Designated Space for Laundry in the Basement

Having a designated space for laundry in your home makes washing clothes an easier, more efficient process. Add some shelves and cabinets for storage and tile flooring. Tile flooring is waterproof, so your floors will be protected if there is a leak.

3. Update Your Basement Flooring

Flooring is another feature to consider when upgrading your basement. New flooring can improve the appearance of your basement. Consider hardwood, vinyl, or ceramic tiles for easy cleaning. Add a few rugs to make the room cozier. A stylish floor will improve the overall look of your basement.

4. Declutter When You Update Your Basement

An unfinished basement tends to collect clutter. Removing unnecessary items from your basement maximizes your space. In addition, decluttering your basement reduces allergens, relieves anxiety, and improves your quality of life. Add some storage cabinets when upgrading your basement so you can organize and store your items.

5. Install New Lighting

Upgrading your basement lighting makes a big difference. Choose lighting that will compliment your decor and warm up the room. Smart bulbs have become more popular, as they give you the ability to control basement lighting from your phone.

6. Update Your Basement With Barn Doors

Installing sliding barn doors is a budget-friendly idea that’ll help you design a multi-functional basement. If you want separate rooms for different purposes, add sliding barn doors.

7. Install a Drop Ceiling

Because there are usually exposed structural beams and ducts in the basement, adding a ceiling will drastically improve the appearance when upgrading your basement. Hiding plumbing pipes, ducts, and electrical wires improves your basement’s look. In addition, adding a ceiling improves soundproofing and regulates temperatures.

8. Get Creative With Your Walls

There are many options to choose from when upgrading your basement walls. Choosing a wall color that will brighten the room will make your basement feel more spacious. You can add crown molding to the top of the walls and decorative wall paneling on the lower portion of the walls for a more elegant look.

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