Once you have finalized your home purchase, the hard work is not over yet. Now it is time to schedule the moving vans and begin packing. Fortunately, there are some tasks you can do ahead of time to help lighten the load, like updating your address. There is a long list of people and companies to notify when you move. This checklist will help keep you on track during this busy time.

Notify the USPS When You Move

The post office is the first place you should notify when you move. To guarantee that you get mail at your new home, let the post office know at least seven days before the move. A quick and easy way to complete this task is to go to the official website and fill out the change-of-address form. If you prefer, you can visit your local post office and grab a paper form to submit.

Friends and Family

Notify close friends and family of your change of address as a courtesy. There are efficient ways to get this done, and you may find that using a combination of these is best. If you use a mass email, protect everyone’s privacy by using the blind carbon copy (BCC) field when you input the addresses. This way, the only email they will see is yours. It might be easier for you to send a group text message. If you regularly chat with family members or a social group, you can also spread the word using that tool.

Utility and Service Providers

There will likely be many services that you will need to notify when you move. First, put together a list of your existing utility providers. Common ones are water, electricity, and trash. Don’t forget about cable service, internet providers, and your cell phone company.

Next, you may need to research what companies offer services in your new area. While setting up a disconnect date, ask your current company if they serve your new zip code. If they do not, see if your real estate agent can get some information from the seller about the services they use.

Business and Financial Partners

Business partners cover a broad range of professionals to notify when you move. Contact your insurance agents, medical providers, and other organizations that you work with. While you are talking to the medical offices, find out how you can transfer your files to your new location once you’re established. Contact your banks, lenders, and any retirement account holders. Most major credit card companies allow you to change your address through their secure online portals.

Essential Parties to Notify When You Move

The primary organizations to notify when you move are the IRS and your employer. If the move is planned around tax season, you do not want any important documents delayed or lost in the mail. Contact your human resource or payroll department with your new address.

Be sure to also notify federal and state tax authorities that you have moved. To inform the Internal Revenue Service, you will need Form 8822. You can get this form on their website. At the state level, this information is updated through your local DMV.

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